Messy Company: Keeping Your House Clean With An Indoor Dog

Messy Company: Keeping Your House Clean With An Indoor Dog

Let’s face it. Dogs aren’t exactly models of cleanliness. From destroying oodles of tissue paper to leaving muddy pawprints on the floor, they are masters when it comes to making a mess.

This is especially true if your dog spends the majority of their time indoors. So if you’re planning to introduce a dog to your apartment or already done so and are currently struggling to keep up with the cleaning, here are a few you can do to keep your place pristine even with a stay-at-home dog.

Regular Grooming

Never underestimate the effect grooming can have on keeping your home clean. Because while grooming cannot prevent shedding, it does greatly minimize the amount of fur that ends up onto your rugs and furniture. 

For effective grooming, make sure you have the appropriate tools for your dog’s coat such as grooming gloves for short hair and slick brushes for long, thick double-coats.

Potty Train

While this is a must regardless of whether or not your dog spends most of their day inside the house, indoor dogs not only need to be taught against pooping and peeing anywhere, they also need to be shown exactly where they can go about their business.

If you cannot take your dog outdoors often as is the case if you’re living in an apartment, make sure to train your dog to use a dedicated dog toilet or reusable potty pad so you can easily isolate the mess and smell in one corner of your home.

Cover Up

If your dog spends hours holed up in the house, chances are they will develop a fondness for a few nap spots. 

So once you find them regularly sleeping on the couch or other pieces of furniture, consider covering them with some of your spare sheets or a dedicated furniture cover. Not only will this keep the fur and smell away, but it clean up will also be much easier as you can simply pop the used sheets in the washer after use.

Wipe Their Paws

Dogs need to be taken on regular walks in order to maintain their physical health and during these strolls, they can pick up plenty of dirt and debris. So before letting them into your home, make sure you give their paws a proper wipe down.

You can also opt to get a portable paw washer. These cups are filled with soapy water and feature a built-in rubber brush which allows you to easily and efficiently clean your dog’s feet. 

Pet Playpen

Restricting your pet to one area of the house helps minimize any potential clutter they might cause. Getting a pet playpen can help in this regard allowing you to keep your dog, their toys, and even their feeding bowl all in one place.

If your place is small, consider getting a foldable pet playpen as these provide a spacious area for your dog to lounge in that is also easy to clean and store.

Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

Despite precautions, dogs will always end up creating a mess of things every now and then. When this happens, it would be best to have a few basic cleaning supplies on-hand so you can quickly remedy the situation.

Some of the things you need are:

  • Lint Remover - Takes care of loose fur stuck to your furniture and clothes.
  • Non-Toxic Pet Stain Remover - Quickly cleans those potty accidents on your carpets and rugs.
  • Paper Towels - To easily pick up poop and blotting up liquid messes left behind by your dog.
  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - Lets you clean up dirt, fur, and other small debris from hard-to-reach areas in the house.
  • Biodegradable Poop Bags - Safely stores your dog’s number two in your home before they can be properly disposed of.
  • Air Freshener - Quickly removes the harsh smell left behind whenever your dog goes potty.
  • Enzymatic Cleaner - Neutralizes the smell left behind by your dog’s pee and prevents them from using an area again.

  • Cleaning up after your dog may seem like a chore but what we get in return from our furry friends more than make up for it. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to follow these simple tips in order to make living with your pooch just a little bit easier.

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