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Snoozify™ Soothing Jacket

Snoozify™ Soothing Jacket

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⚡️ Reduces Anxiety From Loud Noises
🐶 Natural Remedy  No Medication Required
🐕 Comfy, Easy To Wear And Clean
🐾 Recommended By Vets And Pet Parents

Snoozify™ Soothing Jacket keeps your fur baby's anxiety under wraps. Mimicking the comforting feel of a tight hug, it's the best natural calming solution for dogs, allowing them to feel at ease during stressful moments.

Your Purchase Fights for Freedom

By choosing shopping with us, you're not only pampering your beloved pets but also championing a world without slavery. We are proud to contribute 10% of our profits to A21, a global organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking and restoring the freedom and futures of countless lives. Together, with every purchase, we're taking steps towards a world where every individual is free. Join us in making a lasting impact.

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The Anti-Anxiety Solution Used by Dogs Worldwide

Recommended by vets and pet parents alike, Snoozify™ Soothing Jacket reduces your dog's anxiety without the need for medication. It's patented design provides constant, gentle pressure to your dog helping them keep calm during stressful or exciteful situations.

Functional and fashionable, Snoozify™ Soothing Jacket is perfect for thunderstorms, vet visits, fireworks, and travel. Keep your fur baby's fear, anxiety, and hyperactivity under wraps today!

  • Vet Visits

  • Travel

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Thunderstorms

  • Fireworks

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The Science Behind Snoozify™ Soothing Jacket

The science behind canine anxiety and its remedies is well-researched. At Snoozify Pet, we are committed to the well-being of your pets which is why our products are backed by the latest scientific findings in addition to our commitment to compassionate care.

Here are some well-known institutions and publications that highlight the importance of understanding and addressing canine anxiety.

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How It Works

Snoozify™ Soothing Jacket applies gentle pressure evenly throughout your dog's body, mimicking the sensation of hugging.

This in turn releases hormones such as endorphins that help alleviate the anxiety caused by external factors such as loud noises, separation, presence of strangers, or unfamiliar places and making them feel at ease until the source of their anxiety has been addressed.

How To Use

  • Step #1

    Place the jacket on your dog's back and gently secure the neck straps to your dog's neck.

  • Step #2

    Tightly wrap the jacket's torso flaps around your dog's body and secure it with the velcro fasteners.

  • Step #3

    Adjust the jacket for a comfortable fit and give your dog maximum freedom of movement.