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Snoozify™ Super Absorbent Pee Pad

Snoozify™ Super Absorbent Pee Pad

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Say Goodbye to Messy Floor!

As dog parents, we completely understand how messy our floor can get. Especially if one of our dogs loves to pee everywhere. Disposable pee pads are not a solution. They are not cost-effective, bad for our environment and we need extra effort cleaning it up.

SUPER-ABSORBENT FOUR-LAYER DESIGN: SnoozifyPet™ Reusable Super Absorbent Pee Pad features four layers with a comfortable quilted top layer, a super-absorbent core, a PVC waterproof bedding shield, and finally a non-slip safety coating.

KEEPS HOME CLEAN & FRESH: Absorbs and retains pee and odors even during extended indoor stays so you can keep the floor clean and dry and the room smelling as pleasant as always.

ONE PAD TO PROTECT THEM ALL: Great for house-breaking and training puppies, protecting crates and carriers during transport, protecting furniture and rugs from pet fur and dirt. It is also a good base for our car during traveling.

REUSABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: The SnoozifyPet™ Reusable Super Absorbent Pee Pad is fully machine-washable allowing you to use it again and again after your dog does their business. No more wastefully throwing messy disposable pads!

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