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Anti-Anxiety Dog Jacket

Anti-Anxiety Dog Jacket

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The Snoozify Anti-Anxiety Dog Jacket keeps your dog’s fear, unease, and over-eagerness under wraps, literally!


By constantly applying gentle pressure on your dog, the jacket simulates the feeling of a hug to help naturally control all types of anxiety, fear, and hyper-excitement.


The Anti-Anxiety Dog Jacket works with agitations resulting from thunder, fireworks, and other environmental scares as well as those caused by vet visits, travel, and separation.


Breathable fabric, elastic openings, and velcro attachments provide maximum comfort and unrestricted mobility while maintaining the full function, ease of use, and a snug fit.


Fully machine-washable, the Snoozify Anti-Anxiety Dog Jacket seamlessly combines purpose with style allowing your dog to wear it anywhere and look good doing it.

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