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Snoozify™ Artisan Herringbone Sofa Shield

Snoozify™ Artisan Herringbone Sofa Shield

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Protect your prized furniture from scratches, fur, and everything in between with Snoozify™ Artisan Herringbone Sofa Shield.

The quilted fabric cover provides a waterproof buffer, insulating your sofa from accidental food spills, leaking stationery, or anything else that might leave a permanent stain.

Snoozify™ Artisan Herringbone Sofa Shield safeguards against potential damage caused by rambunctious pets while also preventing fur, dirt, and pee from ruining your pristine living room furniture.

The cover is fully machine-washable so your sofa can always be protected from wear and tear, extending its life and letting you enjoy it for much longer.

Snoozify Pet Sofa Shield

Snoozify™ Artisan Herringbone Sofa Shield comes in a variety of gentle colors allowing to you pick one that can match or even change your living room’s look and feel.

Your Purchase Fights for Freedom

By choosing shopping with us, you're not only pampering your beloved pets but also championing a world without slavery. We are proud to contribute 10% of our profits to A21, a global organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking and restoring the freedom and futures of countless lives. Together, with every purchase, we're taking steps towards a world where every individual is free. Join us in making a lasting impact.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Your pet's well-being is our priority. If you or your furry companion aren't fully delighted, please return the product. We're dedicated to quality and your total satisfaction.

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